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Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 06:34 am
A trying few days

Monday - Lisas tooth is hurting her a LOT. I start to get some cold/nasal congestion. Our cat Toe got out on friday and got chased by a dog. When he came back his claws were all torn up like he tried to climb something he shouldnt have. We thought he was fine but a bit shaken up. He was a bit lethargic. Then on Monday he died. Just like that :(

Tues - SNOW TONS of it. Feeling a bit more sick. Take day off work. Drive Rune to preschool. Lisas dentist didnt make it in since he was snowed in. Went to another dentist office. (all this at about 20mph due to snow). Waited for her paperwork and then turned right around to pick up rune. Then drove back to dentist to get lisa. They said they cant fix her tooth because the roots were to deep or something. Reffered to specialist. Specialist not in. Went home and got her prescrip for the pain. Took care of munchkins (lazily hehe). Called dentist about root canal for lisas tooth. Looks like they aint cheap :O! Lisa went to a Mary Kay meeting at 7 where she got pinned (i dont know how she managed). And now it seems like lisa may have the flu.

Wed. - Came into work today, lisa is going to try to get an appt. for an endodontist asap and may call me so i can take the car to her

Im ready for a vacation :P

On the UPSIDE I got rune to ACTUALLY read yesterday. He has been able to recognize words just by the sight. Like "toy" etc. But yesterday I got him to read a word he had not seen much before based on phoenetics (sp?)
AND I got my CCNA books in this morning at work! Time to dive into the network vortex

Thu, Mar. 23rd, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)

I m sorry, I ve been wanting to call you guys for the last
few days, but haven...I ll see how this weekend treat me...
Sorry to hear about Toe, it could have been stress. There was no way
you could have known, I would have thought that cat was just plain
tuckered out...he probably was.
Tell Lisa I m feeling for her! I had a root canal once, it didn t
hurt at all. I guess maybe it hurt so much beforehand...the relief
felt great.