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Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007, 09:17 am
A Jason Webley Story

My wife and I managed to have a weekend where we got to forget we were parents for a bit!
The 2 older ones went to their grandmothers and Lola was babysat by my brothers girlfriend (THANKS!)
So its Saturday night. 2 of our very good friends from bloomington came up to Indy to see the Jason Webley with us! We went to a greek resteraunt (Kourheys i think) and had some pretty good food before the show.
Just before the show Jason sent an email blast for people to bring digi vid cams for a possible music vid shoot for a new song from the collaboration album he is doing with Reverend Paytons Big Damn Band. I didnt have a digital vid cam so I just went w/o one.
Turns out no one had a vid cam at the show. So I offered to get my analog one from home after his set was mostly through. The hope was to get back in time to record him and the paytons doing their song on stage and the crowd dancing (it was to be the last song on the set). Unfortunately... since I dont use the recorder very often I had some trouble hunting down a blank vid cassete. I did finally find one.
I hightailed it back to the venue and found... they had already done the song. I was a bit bummed. Not only because I missed recording it, but I also missed seeing the song live :(
The video they wanted to shoot was for the song "Two Bottles of Wine". I talked to Jason Afterword and Jason said that we could shoot some shots later on in the night. So my wife and I hung out and watched a crappy sideshow for a while.
Finally we took over the back room of the Melody and started collecting people for the video. He wanted people dancing crazy with 2 bottles of wine in their hand. Since we didnt have any music Jason and the Paytons energeticly yelled out the tune to to bottles of wine while people danced and sloshed wine all over. If the footage turns out well it could very well be in the music video.
So that would have been cool enough in and of itself.... HOWEVER!
I had to take the tape and convert it to digital media. So after a grandmas bday party I went home and got to work on the conversion. I got it all converted and ready to burn. Then my dvd burner crapped out on me :(
That night the kids all had fevers. I took monday off to take them all to the doctor (thank god i did). I burned the video to regular cd's and set them on my desk.
At noon Jason called me and asked if i could run the vid to him (he was in ripple at the paytons house very close to where I live)
So i say SURE!
I head up there and give him the video. He asks me to hang out for a bit w/ him and big damn band. So we are hanging out talking about random shit, and they realize they still need to shoot album photos! They need all of them in the pictures. Sooooo guess who gets to be a rock photographer for about an hour!!!!
I even get my name as Photographer on the new payton/webley venture!!!!!
I had an AMAZING weekend!!!!

Here endeth the story.